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gittuf provides a security layer for Git using some concepts introduced by The Update Framework (TUF). Among other features, gittuf handles key management for all developers on the repository, allows you to set permissions for repository branches, tags, files, etc., protects against other attacks Git is vulnerable to, and more — all while being backwards compatible with GitHub, GitLab, etc.

gittuf is a sandbox project at the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) as part of the Supply Chain Integrity Working Group.

Current Status

gittuf is currently in alpha. It is not yet intended for use in a production system or repository. We’re now actively working on making gittuf more usable so it has lesser impact on developer workflows. Contributions are welcome, please refer to the contributing guide. Some of the features listed above are being actively developed, please refer to the roadmap and the repository’s issue tracker for more details.

Installation & Get Started

See the get started guide in the gittuf repository.

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