There are a number of ways to contribute to gittuf’s development. Please note that contributors to gittuf are expected to abide by the code of conduct.

Code Contributions

gittuf is being actively developed and many of its features need more work. Come help us out! To get started, take a look at the contributing guide on the gittuf repository.


gittuf’s design is also evolving as we implement it. The living design document lives alongside the implementation. As with code contributions, take a look at the contributing guide to get started.

User Stories

Git is a complex system and different users have different workflows. Indeed, there are often multiple ways to do something and sometimes there is no “correct” way. For gittuf to be compatible and usable with a variety of use cases, we need to consider them. As such, we welcome feedback and user stories from Git users if they believe gittuf’s design is not compatible with their workflows. Please file an issue on the gittuf repository to get started!

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